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Billing Transition

We’re moving to an automated billing system at Lawgical and we need your help. Please use the link in the email you received to update the credit card you have on file with us.

We realize the email you received looks a little suspicious and we commend you for taking your credit card security seriously. The link in the email will take you to Chargify is the automated billing service we are migrating to.

The secure form will look like this:

The form is secure and the data is stored in a secure vault. Once your credit card data is on file, it’s stored securely, and even we don’t have access to view the full number.

If you have further questions or concerns, we will gladly verify this information on the phone as well. Give your marketing consultant a call at (800) 811-4458.

Thanks so much for helping us out. Once we get everyone moved to the new system your billing with Lawgical will be much easier and more transparent.