Our Brands

Below is a list of brands we own and operate. Each one was carefully created for its target market and the website users.


ServeNow.com – Find a Local Process Server Anywhere

URL: http://www.serve-now.com
Year Launched: 2003
Target Market: Legal, corporations, collection & debt, foreclosure & real estate, insurance, government and the general public.
Support Brands: ServeManager, ServeMatch.com, ProcessServers.com

Overview: ServeNow.com aims to be the most trusted and efficient source for finding and using local qualified process servers. Using local process servers can save users time and money. Utilizing local process servers allows you to work directly with the people who are serving your papers, which increases communication and provides you with better service. ServeNow.com process servers have been pre-screened and meet our listing requirements. This is done to assure the users of ServeNow.com are hiring experienced, professional and courteous process servers.


PInow.com – Worldwide Investigator Directory

URL: http://www.pinow.com
Year Launched: 2005
Target Market: Legal professionals, insurance companies, corporations, public institutions, government agencies and the general public.
Support Brands: InvestigatorMatch.com, FindPIs.com

Overview: PInow.com is a directory of local, pre-screened and professional private investigators. This one-of-a-kind directory can be searched by investigation type and location to get the most specific search results. Through exceptional customer service and technology, PInow.com aims to be the most trusted and efficient source for finding local, qualified investigators. Users of PInow.com can select an investigator with confidence, knowing that their case will be handled discreetly and diligently.


AboutBail.com – Bail Agents, Criminal Attorneys & Investigators

URL: http://www.aboutbail.com
Year Launched: 2001
Target Market: Private individuals, attorneys
Support Brands: BailMatch.com, BailLaws.com, BailInsurance.com, BailBondsCA.com

Overview: AboutBail.com is a nationwide directory of bail bond agents, criminal lawyers, investigators, immigration bondsmen and more. AboutBail.com’s intuitive platform, comprehensive database and resources provide users with instant access to help in their time of need.


Legal Talk Network

URL: http://legaltalknetwork.com/
Year Launched: 2005
Target Market: Attorneys, Legal Professionals

Overview: Legal Talk Network is home to a number of leading legal podcasts. Podcasts on LTN highlight important issues in the legal profession with high profile guests in a talk show format.


ProcessServers.com – Find Local Process Servers

URL: http://www.processservers.com
Year Launched: 2001 (relaunched in 2008)
Target Market: Legal, corporations, collection & debt, foreclosure & real estate, insurance, government and the general public.
Support Brands: ServeManager

Overview: ProcessServers.com is one of the oldest and most prominent domain names in the process serving industry. Just like the process servers listed on ServeNow.com, all process servers on ProcessServers.com must go through a pre-screening process. This is done to ensure that the users of ProcessServers.com are hiring skilled and qualified process servers.



URL: http://tweetlaw.com/
Year Launched: 2009
Target Market: Legal professionals and those interested in legal news.

Overview:TweetLaw is a Twitter application designed specifically for legal professionals. TweetLaw.com is a website that aggregates tweets from members of the legal community and separates them into specific areas of legal interest. TweetLaw allows legal Tweeters to instantly share new information and network.

Bail Insurance Logo


URL: http://www.bailinsurance.com/
Year Launched: 2010
Target Market: Bail agents
Support Brands: AboutBail.com, Collateral Magazine, The Bail Report

Overview: BailInsurance.com is an AboutBail.com company. In our 10-plus years in the bail industry, we’ve been asked to guide bail agents through the best sureties to work with. The answer to these questions is BailInsurance.com. BailInsurance.com connects bail agents with surety companies and general agents who meet their needs. At the same time, we offer surety companies a forum to recruit new business savvy and experienced retail agents.

Lawgical Logo

Lawgical Sites – semi-customizable websites for the legal industry

Year Launched: 2011
Target Market: Process servers, private investigators, bail agents and attorneys
Support Brands: ServeNow.com, ProcessServers.com, PInow.com, AboutBail.com

Overview: Lawgical Sites was launched as a comprehensive websites source targeting the legal industry. Currently websites include templates for process servers, bail agents and private investigators with the anticipated launch of attorney sites mid-2011. These sites provide out-of-the box solutions for these niche markets from a source that has an intimate understanding of these markets.




Target Market: Legal, corporations, collection & debt, foreclosure & real estate, insurance and government.

Overview: ServeManager allows the customer and the process server to communicate more efficiently. Not only is this an application to help process servers manage their business, but ServeManager is a secure online application where users can assign, track and manage their serves.

Support Brands



Overview: The Serve Report is a monthly newsletter dedicated to the needs of process servers and investigators. It is distributed to more than 17,000 people.

Overview: The Bail Report is a bi-weekly newsletter aimed at bail bond agents, criminal attorneys and investigators. The Bail Report‘s circulation is more than 3,000.

PI News Round-up

PI News Round-up

URL: http://www.pinow.com/newsletter/

Overview: The PI News Round-up is a weekly newsletter for private investigators. It is a wrap up of industry news and events that is distributed to more than 6,000 people.

Related Forums and Blogs

Lawgical manages and maintains more than 15 open forums and blogs. The forums are host to constantly growing groups with membership in the thousands. The forums are an outlet for legal professionals to stay up-to-date on news and information in our related legal industries. The blogs are constantly being updated with industry-related news and information.

Partner Sites

Lawgical has designed, built and managed websites for numerous businesses and associations in the legal industry. Below is a sampling of our work.

Association Sites

Lawgical has designed, built and managed websites for many associations in the legal industry. Below is a sampling of our work.