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DENVER, CO — February 6, 2009 — For years private investigators have been touting Valentine’s Day as the number one day for cheaters. However, most people do not even recognize every day activities as signs of cheating. Affairs often continue for years without the other spouse’s awareness., a directory of local pre-screened private investigators, has created a free online quiz for suspicious spouses. This quick and easy quiz will create awareness for attentive partners who are ready to act. To take the infidelity quiz, visit

“This year, hopes to offer a bit of reassurance to those who may have infidelity concerns, and help those who may be correct about those suspicions,” said Co-founder Trent Carlyle. “It is often easier to catch cheaters around Valentine’s Day because they want to spend time with both their spouses and lovers so slip-ups occur. Many cheaters will withdraw large amounts of money to purchase extravagant gifts for their partners — ringing alarm bells for those who aren’t on the receiving end of the gifts.”

Using these and other tell-tale signs of infidelity, partners can arm themselves with evidence and stop the disastrous pattern of infidelity. The best thing a worried partner can do is to prepare. Oftentimes, what started out as just an inkling of suspicion will prove to be accurate. Studies have confirmed it, showing that 85 percent of women and 50 percent of men who suspected that their partner was cheating were ultimately correct.

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Posted by:
Lawgical Staff

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