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Is Your Spouse on the Naughty List?

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DENVER, CO — Dec. 19, 2008 — Even in a down economy, demand increases for inquiries for infidelity investigations during and after the holidays. Signs of cheating become more apparent this time of year, which makes infidelity more obvious to suspicious spouses. More than 50 percent of investigators associated with, an online directory of pre-screened private investigators, said that they see an increase in infidelity inquiries during the holidays. Investigators aren’t the only ones noticing the increase in inquiries.

“This time last year we saw our traffic on increase more than 12 times between December and January for people looking for a private investigator,” said, a directory of pre-screened private investigators, Co-founder Adam Camras. “People begin to notice the signs of a cheating spouse around the holidays and tend to act on it by hiring an investigator.”

What once felt like a nagging feeling may show itself during this chaotic time of year. What should you look for? Unfaithful partners often exhibit these characteristics:

1. Mistakes.
The holiday season is hectic for everyone and even more so for an individual who is trying to see two partners. When rushed it is easier to make mistakes such as forgetting to sign out of an email account, not clearing a cell phone call history or overlooking a voice mail that normally would have been erased. A partner who is in a hurry may not remember to throw away phone numbers on slips of paper with coded notes. Looking for these subtle mistakes can show you evidence of cheating.

2. Gifts. Unfaithful partners will likely want to buy special gifts for their loved ones — and those they are cheating with. Look for large withdrawals of cash that cannot be accounted for, and unusual or unexplained charges on credit card bills. As expenses pile up this time of year, it is often hard to buy impressive gifts for lovers without the accumulation of debt. Investigations into credit card bills can help uncover where gifts were bought, and hotels, dinners, bar bills and other entertainment expenses.

3. Scheduling. A cheating spouse will want to visit with his or her cheating partner during the holidays and may have difficulty juggling time. Unfaithful partners may have more unaccounted for absences, more excuses and may “work late” more than usual. Spending a great deal of time out makes it easier for private investigators to conduct surveillance during the busy holiday season.

4. Relationship.
Those who are concerned about a spouse cheating may notice subtle changes in their relationships. There may be more trivial arguments and complaints that weren’t noticeable before. They may notice a decrease in their sex life, and a partner who is more concerned about his or her wardrobe and outward appearance. While these may seem like nuances that ebb and flow in a relationship, they may be signs of bigger issues.

While the holidays can be a full on frenzy, and most people do not want to deal with additional stress, this time of year may make it easier for an investigator to uncover adultery. Finding out the truth can help victims of infidelity start the New Year with a fresh start.

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Posted by:
Lawgical Staff

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