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“Lawyer 2 Lawyer” Begins 10th Year of Podcasts with Legal Talk Network

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Kimberly Faber

Press Release

Denver, CO – Legal Talk Network is excited to announce that one of its top podcasts, “Lawyer 2 Lawyer” with Bob Ambrogi and J. Craig Williams, is starting its tenth year. Avid fans and new followers listen to “Lawyer 2 Lawyer” every other week for the most current topics in the legal profession, controversial debates, and high-profile guest interviews.

In 2005, lawyers and legal bloggers Bob Ambrogi in Massachusetts and J. Craig Williams in California started Coast to Coast, a podcast to talk about legal news and observations across the United States. In February 2007 they changed the name of their podcast to “Lawyer 2 Lawyer” to reflect their extension beyond the coasts.

During the past nine years, “Lawyer 2 Lawyer” has covered many important and controversial legal issues, hosting experts on both sides of the debate. Their most notable episodes included discussions about Gay Marriage and Proposition 8, Immigration Law, Guantanamo Bay and the Obama Election, Bernie Madoff, Assisted Suicide, the BP Oil Spill, and various NFL scandals and lawsuits. This past year has been marked with some of the most lively episodes including Marijuana, Federal Law, and the States: The Great Legal DivideRevenge Porn: Societal Costs and Legislative Solutions, and Firing Squads and Lethal Injections: Is Today’s Death Penalty Cruel and Unusual?

“When we first started ‘Lawyer 2 Lawyer’, few had barely heard of podcasting, but as the years progressed, we’ve made our mark with listeners around the world, from the U.S. Supreme Court to lawyers and law firms, law schools and hundreds of thousands of loyal followers far and wide.  We’ve had great guests – federal and state judges, legislators, law students and even a lawyer who couldn’t find a job until he interviewed on our show,” co-host J. Craig Williams said. “It’s been a great 10 years, and I’ve really enjoyed working with my co-host, Bob Ambrogi, through it all. ‘Lawyer 2 Lawyer’ covers the law like no other show – current legal topics discussed by the lawyers directly involved with those legal issues, interviewed by senior lawyers.  You can’t find that triple-legal-combination anywhere else, and certainly not at the intellectual level our show provides.  That’s why we’re the longest, continuously-produced podcast on the Internet.”

“When we started this podcast in 2005, I never thought we’d still be at it nine years later. I am extremely grateful to all the people over the years who have taken time out of their busy lives to come on the show as guests and to all the people who have been our listeners,” Ambrogi added.

The show covers legal topics and news, and recently featured a lively discussion about the militarization of the US police and how this affects perceptions about police brutality in places like New York City and Ferguson, MI. Guests Amy Goodman from Democracy Now! and Chairman for DC Police Union Sgt. Delroy Burton debate how to approach negative perceptions about police officers. The latest episode discusses the story of William Michael Dillon, a man who served nearly 30 years behind bars for a murder he did not commit. Tune in to hear his story of survival and the music he wrote while behind bars.

“Lawyer 2 Lawyer” is available free on the Legal Talk Network, and can be downloaded via iTunes or Stitcher.

About Legal Talk Network:
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Posted by:
Kimberly Faber

As Director of Marketing and Multimedia, Kimberly sets strategy for outreach, distribution, social media, and network growth, and manages multimedia production for the network. She has a Bachelor of Science with a background in design, marketing, production, editorial, and operations and strategy. Kimberly consults with the production, operations, and tech teams on a variety of projects and initiatives. You can follow Kimberly on Twitter at @kimberlyfaber.