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Lawyer2Lawyer Returns to Legal Talk Network

Posted by:
Kimberly Faber

Press Release

Legal Talk Network and its parent company, Lawgical, are proud to announce that Lawyer2Lawyer has returned to Legal Talk Network with hosts Bob Ambrogi and J. Craig Williams. The two lawyers, Ambrogi from Massachusetts and Williams from California, have hosted Lawyer2Lawyer since the first podcast aired under the name “Coast to Coast” in August of 2005.

In the first episode since returning to the Internet airwaves, Lawyer2Lawyer takes up the legal implications surrounding the Boston Marathon bombings. The podcast, titled, Will Accused Boston Marathon Bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Get the Death Penalty?, discusses the prosecution’s potential strategy, whether the age of the defendant will affect the outcome, and whetherprosecutors will use federal law to seek the death penalty, which is outlawed in Massachusetts. Ambrogi and Williams were joined by Jack Cunha of Cunha & Holcomb, a criminal defense practice based in Boston, and Douglas Berman, Professor of Law at Ohio State University’s Moritz College of Law to discuss the issue.

Since the airing of the return podcast, the duo has also been joined by American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) president Susan Herman and Dr. Adrian Moore of the Reason Foundation to discuss private prisons. The show has also discussed Sacramento’s new One-Day Divorce Program.

“I am thrilled that Legal Talk Network will continue to host our Lawyer2Lawyer podcast, enabling us to maintain our streak as the longest continually-running legal podcast,” co-host Bob Ambrogi shares. “Even better, I anticipate that the new Legal Talk Network will enable us to take Lawyer2Lawyer to the next level in its evolution, with new features and greater listener interaction. I am hopeful that this will not just be a continuation of our podcast, but a whole new start.”

Mr. Williams adds, “It’s great to be back on the Internet ‘airwaves’ with Lawyer2Lawyer on the new Legal Talk Network. Now in its eighth year, Lawyer2Lawyer stands alone as the longest-running podcast on the Internet, and I’m proud to continue to be part of this trailblazing effort that has set the standard for excellent journalism and top-notch production. Our 80,000 listeners are a testament to the show’s success.”

Lawyer2Lawyer now airs on a bi-weekly basis and is available for streaming through Legal Talk Network and for free download via iTunes.

About Legal Talk Network:
Legal Talk Network is an online media network for legal professionals. Our podcasts highlight important issues in a talk show format. They’re produced by professionals and available on-demand on the Legal Talk Network website, in iTunes, by free subscription to RSS and from legal portals, blogs and social networking sites. Listeners make connections with colleagues in a B2B environment, helping everyone meet the challenges of a changing legal world.


Posted by:
Kimberly Faber

As Director of Marketing and Multimedia, Kimberly sets strategy for outreach, distribution, social media, and network growth, and manages multimedia production for the network. She has a Bachelor of Science with a background in design, marketing, production, editorial, and operations and strategy. Kimberly consults with the production, operations, and tech teams on a variety of projects and initiatives. You can follow Kimberly on Twitter at @kimberlyfaber.