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Legal Talk Network Attends Global Legal Hackathon 2019

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Lawgical Staff

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On February 22nd, the second annual Global Legal Hackathon hosted 6,000 participants from 46 cities across 24 countries who all came together in the name of legal innovation. Judges from each host location selected their best team, sending finalists to compete at the GALA finals in New York City on May 4th.

Since the event was happening around the world, Legal Talk Network captured interviews from participants around the globe. In addition, the network recorded content with Cori Goudchaux, one of the hackathon’s organizers who put in a lot of flight time to keep the event running.

Of note at this year’s hackathon was the Global Rise of Women in Legaltech (GROWL) which is an association of mentors who seek to include more women in technology development and innovation. Every location competing in the Global Legal Hackathon had at least one GROWL mentor ready to give pointers, advice, and encouragement to women participation in the competition. Catch up on this and the latest in legal innovation by tuning into the On the Road episodes below:


Posted by:
Lawgical Staff

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