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Legal Talk Network Interviews Leaders at the 2015 Annual Florida Bar Convention

Posted by:
Kimberly Faber

Press Release

Boca Raton, FL – Legal Talk Network had the privilege of visiting The Florida Bar at their 2015 Annual Convention. Held at the beautiful Boca Raton Resort, we braved the summer heat and humidity to meet the members of The Florida Bar. What we saw was very impressive. From their leadership of passionate volunteer attorneys, we learned that there are amazing developments on nearly every front of Florida law. Whether it was advice from industry leaders like Mark Britton and Jack Newton or the insightful presentations from Florida Representative Michelle Rehwinkel Vasilinda and State Senator Maria Sachs, attendees were given a lot to take home.

As impressive as the trappings were, the thing we noticed most was how friendly everyone was. Whether it was outgoing president Greg Coleman, incoming president Ray Abadin, or director of the Programs Division Terry Hill, there was always someone to lend help or a friendly word. When we discussed this with Renee Thompson and Melanie Griffin, co-chairs for the annual bar convention, they agreed and furthered by mentioning reunions with colleagues, sold out hotels, and future emphasis on family-friendly venues. Despite over 100 thousand members, The Florida Bar has the camaraderie of a law school class.

This series of podcast interviews taps into developments in Florida law and the elements that make The Florida Bar the institution it is today. We hope you both enjoy and find them informative.

Listen Here: 2015 Annual Florida Bar Convention

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Posted by:
Kimberly Faber

As Director of Marketing and Multimedia, Kimberly sets strategy for outreach, distribution, social media, and network growth, and manages multimedia production for the network. She has a Bachelor of Science with a background in design, marketing, production, editorial, and operations and strategy. Kimberly consults with the production, operations, and tech teams on a variety of projects and initiatives. You can follow Kimberly on Twitter at @kimberlyfaber.