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Legal Talk Network Hosts Evolve Law’s Access to Justice Through Technology Event

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Sam Cole

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In October 2017, Evolve Law hosted Evolve Law’s Access to Justice Through Technology event at Lawgical’s Denver office. This event focused on technologies that are currently helping to close the access to justice gap and future actions to achieve access for all. Experts gave Darwin Talks at the event to inspire innovation and action and Legal Talk Network recorded podcasts so that this information can reach a wider audience.

Mary Juetten (moderator), CEO Traklight, Managing Director Evolve Law, Access Advocate LegalShield
Richard Granat, Founder/CEO The Granat Group, LLC.
Dona Playton, Director of the Honoring Families Initiative at IAALS
Pat Monks, Attorney at Monks Law Firm
Keri Norris, Senior Vice President for Regulatory Affairs and the Chief Legal Officer at Legal Shield

Legal Talk Network CEO Adam Camras gave a Darwin Talk entitled “Time is the New Green” which discussed the importance of optimizing your time as a lawyer and business owner.

After Camras spoke, the panelists answered the following questions:

  • How can lawyers merge technology with legal plans and services?
  • Why is it important to consider the legal consumer?
  • What is the best way to close the education gap?
  • Do model rules restrict supply and innovation within the legal industry?
  • Which technology tools is the panel most excited about and how are they implementing them?
  • How can lawyers help consumers adjust to the shift to consumer culture that the legal industry is experiencing?

The panelists also addressed topics like catering legal services to meet the specific needs of consumers and whether basic legal services can be offered by non-lawyers.

The event concluded with a Darwin Talk from Sarah Kieny entitled “Law Nights.” about how there are a variety of ways to provide access to justice. Her firm, for example, goes directly to underserved communities, answers legal questions for those in need, and builds trust within that community for their firm and the legal industry as a whole.

After the event, speakers, panelists, and attendees had a beer and discussed their ideas for the future of

For more information or to hear the discussion for yourself, tune into the On The Road episodes below:


Posted by:
Sam Cole