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Meet the ServeManager Team

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Lawgical Staff

Press Release

It’s really cool to see the collaborative components come together adding value to not only our customers but the folks that hire process servers as well.” ~ Trent Carlyle

Meet the dedicated and beautiful faces behind your favorite process service software and find out why they love what they do. With over ten years of experience in the process serving industry, our team has the drive and the know-how to serve our customers with the latest in software development and problem-solving technology. Our specialty is listening to the needs of process servers and incorporating them into ServeManager. Through our account managers, technical support, and developer involvement, we interact with process servers on a daily basis and this collaboration along with our mad skills is a recipe for success.

We talked to one lady who spends her Sunday planning out her week. Hopefully ServeManager can get her her Sunday back and save her that four hours on the weekend when she should be with her family.” ~ Chad Jolly


Posted by:
Lawgical Staff

The Lawgical team includes MBAs, business professionals with extensive backgrounds in technology, management, traditional media and search engine marketing, educators, and highly creative professionals who understand application development and usability.