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“On the Road with Legal Talk Network” to Debut at the 2016 ABA Annual Meeting

Posted by:
Kimberly Faber

Press Release

San Francisco, CA – Legal Talk Network will debut “On the Road with Legal Talk Network” at the 2016 ABA Annual Meeting. The meeting spans several hotels in downtown San Francisco, where key thought leaders present on a range of interesting and relevant topics.

The ABA Annual Meeting is a leading event in the legal industry, and is attended by many attorneys from across the U.S. Those who cannot attend will be able to follow along with Legal Talk Network’s interviews recorded live from the event.

Topics and interviewees include…

  • Immigration and Security
  • Zika
  • Minefield Handbook
  • Refugee Crisis
  • Driverless Cars
  • National Security and Law Enforcement
  • Militarized Police
  • On the Docket with Rachel and Nicole
  • Paulette Brown
  • America Votes
  • Jonathan Shapiro
  • Linda Klein
  • Paul Stam
  • Andrea Jarmon
  • Karen Korematsu

On the Road, formerly known as Special Reports, covers the latest conferences, bar meetings, industry events, and trade shows. Often recorded live from the conference room floor, hosts interview bar presidents, committee and section chairs, and other leaders to offer an exclusive look at the biggest events in legal, as well as what is on the horizon for those who practice law.

Other than a slight change in format and new artwork, On the Road with Legal Talk Network will bring the same great interviews as Special Reports to listeners, with influential guests and leading legal conferences. Listeners won’t need to do anything, change anything, or update anything. Special Reports will simply be updated with a new name and artwork.

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Posted by:
Kimberly Faber

As Director of Marketing and Multimedia, Kimberly sets strategy for outreach, distribution, social media, and network growth, and manages multimedia production for the network. She has a Bachelor of Science with a background in design, marketing, production, editorial, and operations and strategy. Kimberly consults with the production, operations, and tech teams on a variety of projects and initiatives. You can follow Kimberly on Twitter at @kimberlyfaber.