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ServeManager is a Colorado Bar Member Benefit

Posted by:
Kimberly Faber

Press Release

Your ServeManager subscription just got a whole lot more valuable!

Members of The Colorado Bar will now receive 25% or more off of their ServeManager as a Member Benefit. The Colorado Bar has approximately 18,000 members who are eligible to take advantage of this benefit. ServeManager is listed alongside companies like Clio, Rocket Matter, LexisNexis, and Ruby Receptionists, all of which offer discounts to member.

Concerns regarding security, frequency of updates, and status have been growing as law firms have placed greater focus on service of process and compliance. Process servers who use software are taking the initiative to find more effective ways to communicate with their clients, and ServeManager is happy to aid in this process and support companies who want more transparency, better customer service tools, and a streamlined workflow.

ServeManager offers law firms and their employees a dashboard where they can:

  • Get documents into the field quickly
  • Collaborate with multiple process serving firms
  • Work with existing process serving vendors
  • View status of all serves and get real-time updates
  • Access GPS data, service photos, and timestamps
  • Access job archive with history and affidavits

A tool for transparency and communication between the law firm and the process server, process servers who use ServeManager report that their clients are happier. As a Member Benefit for members of The Colorado Bar, ServeManager makes forward-thinking, tech-savvy process servers more accessible than ever.

For process serving firms using ServeManager, their technology is not only a competitive advantage, but also way to connect with new clients who require transparency and access to job details.

“Being a Denver-based company, we’re excited to add The Colorado Bar and its members as partners. Whether they’re solos, large litigation or collections firms, ServeManager gives our customers the assurance that their service of process is effective and bulletproof.”

ServeManager co-founder Trent Carlyle

For high-volume service of process, ServeManager has recently released a public API to allow for connection to case management systems.

Get more information and pricing details on The Colorado Bar Member Benefits page.

About ServeManager:
ServeManager is a time-saving software solution for private process servers. It’s quick, easy to use, and helps you save time on your serves. The software offers solutions for mobile, GPS, data entry, invoicing, client notifications, and more.


Posted by:
Kimberly Faber

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