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ServeManager Meets NYC DCA Software and GPS Requirements for Process Servers

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Kimberly Faber

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Denver, CO – ServeManager, a complete management software solution for process servers, announces that it meets the requirements set forth by the New York City Department of Consumer Affairs (NYC DCA). The electronic requirements, including GPS and records storage, were enacted as part of the overhaul of the licensing and operating requirements for process servers in the area.

“ServeManager was launched a little over a year ago. Since then, because we’ve built ServeManager with the DCA rules in mind, we’ve seen some of our highest usage in New York,” stated ServeNow CTO, Trent Carlyle. ServeNow is the company that develops ServeManager.

According to the Electronic Device Rule, process servers operating within the Five Boroughs must “carry and operate an electronic device the records Global Positioning System (GPS) location while serving process.” The device must also automatically transmit a complete record of the serve to an independent third party contractor, which must store those records for seven years without giving the process server access to edit or alter the records. This list of the rules can be viewed on the NYC DCA website.

With desktop and mobile versions that work on any mobile device (iPhone, Android, etc.), ServeManager meets all of these requirements and has been added to the NYC DCA list of compliant software companies. Process servers who register with theCity of New York can be provided with a ServeManager account number immediately.

“In addition to thoroughly examining the rules and regulations in New York City, we were in communication with the DCA while building the software,” Carlyle said. “New York City has set a precedent for the rules and requirements that will follow in other states. In addition, process serving audits and compliance are being mandated by clients in the financial sector. Process servers everywhere need to make sure their technology and operations are prepared for legislative changes and the needs of their clients.”

For more information on compliance, view ServeManager NYC DCA Compliance.

Process servers operating within New York City may face audits to ensure their processes and software are compliant. For process servers who are using ServeManager and need to access reports for the DCA or for audits, there is no charge to pull reports.

“Since the onset of my enrollment with ServeManager, I have found the software to be simple to use and navigate. The system is readily available to log GPS locations with immediate, accurate response,” New York City process server Ben Newman of Global Investigative Services said. “In addition to ServeManager being a reliable 3rd party verifier for the DCA, the system goes beyond the verification system and assists in providing client-contact system and an accounting system that is easy to use and track jobs, invoices and balances. I look forward to working with ServeManager in the future.” Newman also said that failure to follow the DCA regulations may lead to administrative hearings, fines and/or revocation of a license or denial of a renewal.

Process servers who are interested can sign up for a ServeManager free trial.


Posted by:
Kimberly Faber

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