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ServeManager Presents at the Summit on Legal Innovation and Disruption

Posted by:
Kelsey Johnson

Press Release

New York, NY — Trent Carlyle, co-founder and CTO of ServeManager, presented at the Summit on Legal Innovation and Disruption (SOLID) Tech Showcase in September 2018. SOLID is a TED Talk style conference with technology innovators presenting their products that are disrupting the legal technology space. The presentations included AI, machine learning, ediscovery, big data, and managing outside counsel. ServeManager was invited as one of 12 companies representing the future of legal tech at the SOLID East Tech Showcase.

Carlyle introduced ServeManager as a solution for lawyers who work directly (or indirectly) with process servers across the country. ServeManager is a cloud-based solution for process servers who are looking for modern software to run their business and automate communication with their clients. Law firms nationwide prefer to receive statuses from process servers who use ServeManager.

Expanding on ServeManager’s utility, Carlyle demonstrated the software’s proof of concept on using blockchain technology. Using GPS coordinates and timestamp service attempts ServeManager facilitates process server accountability. ServeManager’s Blockchain developments were well received by a legal audience looking for innovative solutions to real-life legal business problems.

After his presentation at the SOLID TECH SHOWCASE, Trent participated in a Legal Talk Network podcast interview with other solution providers to further discuss how technology is changing the legal field. Listen to the podcast here:

For more information on ServeManager and the blockchain proof of concept, send an email to [email protected].


Posted by:
Kelsey Johnson