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ServeManager Process Serving Software Caters to Tech Savvy Process Servers

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Kimberly Faber

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Denver, CO – Law firms, collection agencies and major corporations rely on process servers to properly notify parties involved in a case by serving them with hardcopy documents. The process serving industry is reliant upon paper but is becoming increasingly more sophisticated with its technology.

The recently launched ServeManager is one tool that the process serving industry and their clients are embracing to improve workflow and communication while driving down the costs associated with service of process.

ServeManager’s mobile site is a perfect example of how this product has improved operations for process serving companies. ServeManager clients do not need to rely on hardcopy field sheets for tracking job details. Typically, fields sheets are picked up from the process servers dispatcher, filled out in the field, then dropped off for future scanning. It can be days before the serve details are available to the client. With the ServeManager mobile site, process serving jobs are assigned to the server instantly who can then work the job directly from his mobile device. All attempt and service information is updated instantly from the field back to the process serving firms desktop version of ServeManager. The process serving company is then able update and communicate with the client as they see fit.

“[With ServeManager] you can’t mess anything up and if you feel like you do, the tech team is amazing and will fix or help you with any issues,” customer Gene Lewis shares. “The support team’s response time is amazing and I have no doubt that there is help on the other end of the line. They take all suggestions with regard to features or functionalities.”

ServeManagers mobile site also captures the GPS coordinates and timestamp of service attempts adding an additional layer of accountability that many high volume process serving clients are now requiring.

From the regulations set forth by the Department of Consumer Affairs in New York City to the stringent affidavits that are required in California, ServeManager’s easy-to-use interface supports process servers on a national level. The ServeManager team can assist with bulk data imports from high-volume clients or moves from legacy process serving applications.

ServeManager was created and is supported by ServeNow, a network of pre-screened process servers with a high degree of professionalism and experience. ServeManager is another way they ServeNow is helping to facilitate improved business practices in the process serving industry.

“We’re excited about the benefits that ServeManager has afforded our customers.” ServeNow co-founder Trent Carlyle said. “ServeManager is saving our customers no less than 15 minutes per job over legacy solutions, or having no software at all. Even with a smaller job volume, that time savings can translate into thousands of dollars per month.”

ServeManager is free to try for 30 days. No credit card is required and pricing is based on job volume.

“We want to grow along with our customers,” added Carlyle.

The software also offers process servers client management, sub-contractor management, billing, affidavit generation and quick data entry.

ServeManager has a dedicated support staff and offers phone and email support at all customer levels. If you want to learn more about the application, the support team holds a webinar every Wednesday at 4pm Pacific, 7 Eastern.


Posted by:
Kimberly Faber

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