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ServeNow Releases Video to Raise Awareness About Process Server Assault

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Kimberly Faber

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Denver, CO – As part of the Promoting Assault Awareness and Protective Regulations for Servers (PAAPRS) campaign, ServeNow recently released a video featuring a number of process servers discussing their lives as well as their professions. The video aims to clear up some of the major misconceptions about process servers, raise awareness about process server assault, and expand the public’s understanding of what process servers do. The video, titled, “Don’t Shoot the Messenger”, allows process servers to talk about their lives both inside and outside of process serving.

The video can be watched here: Don’t Shoot the Messenger

The video, which runs at just over four minutes, features a variety of process servers. Some discuss their fears when serving papers, due largely to an increase in assault and aggressive behaviors from recipients, while others explain their goals and approach when serving papers. Several participants share their passion for volunteering within their communities and for charitable foundations like rotary, The Boy Scouts, and Susan G. Komen. One participant, a younger gentlemen, said that he always saw himself following in his father’s footsteps and becoming a process server. Others candidly told similar stories of passing their businesses onto family members.

“These people light up when they have the opportunity to talk about their families and about their businesses,” Trent Carlyle, a co-founder of ServeNow said. “This video illustrates the human side of process servers, something many people forget about when they are being served legal documents. We want the public to realize that these are hard working people with families, hobbies, and community interests.”

Process servers preserve every American’s right to due process by serving legal notice to individuals who are involved in pending litigation and other court-related issues. Contrary to common belief, they do not dress up in disguises, are generally not aggressive when serving documents, and do not have any vested interest in the case or its outcome.

PAAPRS is Promoting Assault Awareness and Protective Regulations for Servers, and aims to raise awareness about process server assault. Additional resources include the process server assault map, petition to make assault on a process server a felony in all states, and a map of process server assaults.


Posted by:
Kimberly Faber

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