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Service of Process: There are good reasons for PI firms to offer this valuable service

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There’s a movement in investigation toward incorporating process serving into investigation businesses, and for good reason. The benefits of adding process service are numerous. You can become a one-stop-shop for your existing customers, you can expand your business and gain revenue during slow periods.

Become a One-Stop-Shop

Offer your customers a full suite of legal support or investigative services, so you can be positive that you aren’t leaving money on the table. If you have an established customer base, your clients already trust you and know that you are reliable, why let someone else gather their additional business? Use what you have to expand your business.

If you are not offering process serving, you probably are not serving all of your clients’ needs. Not only can you save clients time by offering multiple services, but you are making their lives simpler. This is a win-win situation for both you and your clients.

Expand Your Business

Process serving is a great way to get your foot in the door with law firms and other clients that also use investigators. When a law firm sees that you do an exceptional job with the serves they give you, then they may use you for bigger ticket investigation cases. Take advantage of referrals within law offices and use them as opportunities to reaffirm your skill set. Process serving will allow your business to establish its reputation within this niche group of clientele.

Before you can expand to offer this service you must understand the process service industry. Many process serving companies are successful because they monetize every call received. They have established a network of reliable process servers throughout their state – or several states. When customers call, they have an idea of what will be charged by their colleagues and offer a competitive rate.

Gain Revenue During Slow Periods

Lately, the media outlets have been flaunting the “R” word. Each has a different outlook on when a recession is coming, how long it will last and what you can do to be ready. One constant in the economic future is that the legal process must go on. While individual customers may not have as much discretionary income to pay for investigations, service of process will always need to be rendered. Depending on your market – this service may be in high demand.

When the investigation side of your business is slow, process serving is a great way to keep your investigators busy. Process serving can provide consistent, ongoing monthly revenue with enduring clients. You already have many of the skills necessary to succeed in process serving, and the potential clients at your fingertips. If you are able to build a network of trusted servers, you can increase your business immensely.

By positioning yourself as a “one stop shop” for lawyers and other legal professionals you can expand your business and gain revenue during slow months. Adding process service to your investigation business will exponentially benefit your company in 2008. To get started, contact your state to find out if it has a licensing requirement.


Posted by:
Lawgical Staff

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