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The PAAPRS Petition To Make Assault on a Process Server a Felony in All States Surpasses 1,000 Signatures

Posted by:
Kimberly Faber

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Denver, CO – The Petition To Make Assault on a Process Server a Felony in All States, started by ServeNow in the hopes of raising public awareness about assaults on process servers, has recently surpassed 1,000 signatures. It is a part of the Promoting Assault Awareness and Protective Regulations for Servers (PAAPRS) campaign. This initiative is focused on raising awareness about process server assault and promoting further protection for process servers. The petition has gained support ranging from process servers, to friends and family, and other individuals not associated with process servers.

“An assault on anyone should be a felony! A process server who is serving court papers is representing a court of law,” writes Keith Burch from Westby, Wisconsin. Many signers have shared similar views when commenting on why they signed the petition. Jerry Phillips from Edinboro, Pennsylvania writes, “Process servers are officers of the court. We have every legal right to serve individuals and companies. We should be treated the same as a constable or law enforcement officer.”

There are many friends and family members that are concerned with the lack of legislation. Keonta Johnson from Baton Rouge, Louisiana writes, “I have a cousin who is a process server . . . I am strongly in support of the safety of my cousin’s life as well as the other individuals who do their jobs.” Himyo Green from Piscataway, New Jersey adds, “I have friends and family that work in this profession and would like them to be protected.”

Other signers reference locations where there are laws already in place to protect process servers. Maya Solis from Walnut Creek, California writes, “I live in California, where it is a felony to assault a process server, and urge all other states to follow suit . . . This law is necessary to keep all servers safe.”

As of today California, Florida, and Illinois are the only states that have passed laws to protect process servers from assault though others are pushing to make those legislation changes. Recently an attorney in Illinois was arrested for aggravated assault on a process server. This is not the normal repercussion in most states, however, and why PAAPRS is raising awareness on the subject. Numerous legal associations, process servers, and organizations have joined together to create the PAAPRS campaign.

“The goal of this petition was to raise awareness about this important issue. This petition is doing just that,” co-founder Trent Carlyle explained. “The people signing this petition aren’t just process servers. They are friends, family members, and legal professionals. The support is amazing, and it will only continue to grow.”

PAAPRS is Promoting Assault Awareness and Protective Regulations for Servers, and aims to raise awareness about process server assault. Additional resources include articles, prevention tips, an embeddable badge, a process server assault map, and other helpful tools.


Posted by:
Kimberly Faber

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