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Top Blogger List Offers Rare Look Into Reality of Being a Private Eye

Posted by:
Kimberly Faber

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With movies, television and fiction most people have a preconceived notion about what it means to be a private eye, but a recently released list of Top Private Investigator Blogs offers a different perspective. The list is presented by, a trusted network of private investigators gives readers a rare peek into the reality of an investigations career while revealing some surprising information most people don’t know. Featured in the list of 45 blogs are industry publications, news, technology, gadgets and even play-by-plays of investigative work. With topics like How to Not Get Scammed by a Mail Order Bride, these aren’t the average Sherlock Holmes mysteries — which might make them more interesting.

The blogs reveal startling security information, like the fact that smartphone users willingly share personal information with dozens of Internet companies. According to Kevin’s Security Scrapbook blog, licensing agreements for smartphones allow Facebook to read text messages, Flickr to look at contacts and Youtube to access and download photographs. Beyond sharing information, most readers probably don’t realize how much social media is utilized in investigations. Facebook is now instrumental in people searches, and photos pulled from the site are regularly being used as evidence in court cases. The ICORP Investigations blog reveals that a man’s workers compensation claim is being challenged with a Facebook photo of him drinking and partying after sustaining a hernia at work.

The JFA Brisbane blog presented an illustrated guide on How to Spot a Liar. It reveals surprising statistics and how emotional gestures, body language and a person’s eyes can reveal whether or not they are lying. It even includes 7 steps for catching a liar, and notes that the most common lie told is “Nothing’s wrong, I’m fine.”

Other blogs on PInow’s Top Investigation Blogs list touch on technology, gadgets and even some myths of private investigation. Many private investigators are tech-savvy and use gadgets like a spypen, a USB drive disguised to look like a ballpoint pen. Readers who love private investigators in fiction will enjoy blogs like Guns, Gams and Gumshoes, which is written by a pair of investigators who are also writers.

Tips from Russian private investigators on how not to get scammed by a mail order bride are nothing if not interesting and surprisingly educational while an alleged sex scandal involving Sarah Palin’s husband adds a dose of celebrity scandal. Other blogs detail the difficulty of searching for people with names like James Smith, whose name presents over 6 million Google search results. Some unsettling cases are documented in a blog that covers an investigator’s bug sweep work uncovering hidden video cameras.

PInow’s list of top bloggers, which was compiled to rate industry bloggers and present to interested readers offers great insight into what it’s really like to be a private investigator. The blogs were ranked based on relevancy, variety of content and consistent posting, and featured bloggers were honored with a “Top Investigator Blogs” badge to place on their site. From the challenges they face to the surprising information they reveal these bloggers are keeping readers entertained, enlightened and sometimes shocked.

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Posted by:
Kimberly Faber

As Director of Marketing and Multimedia, Kimberly sets strategy for outreach, distribution, social media, and network growth, and manages multimedia production for the network. She has a Bachelor of Science with a background in design, marketing, production, editorial, and operations and strategy. Kimberly consults with the production, operations, and tech teams on a variety of projects and initiatives. You can follow Kimberly on Twitter at @kimberlyfaber.