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Kimberly Faber

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There are many people who dream of having a career as a private investigator. In fact, thousands of prospective investigators search the Internet every day for information on how to break into the profession. With an array of training and educational opportunities available it can be difficult to decide which program is the best fit.

Top 25 Private Investigator Schools

Of the professional members listed on, a trusted network of private investigators, hundreds agree that participation in training and educational programs creates strong industry connections. To help prospective investigators take this important step in building their careers and select the best program for their needs, PInow released a list of the 25 Top Private Investigator Training and Education Programs. The list is of educational institutions and does not include private training seminars and programs.

Most of the programs, like the top-ranked program at The University of Washington, are instructed by legal professionals and licensed private investigators. Program lengths and styles vary. A shorter course is a 40 hour intern program at Hillsborough Community College (#10) while a longer example is the 200 hour course at The University of North Texas (#5). Boston University (#2) offers online and classroom settings, and professional investigators and program instructors alike acknowledge the benefits of taking education courses.

Of the 25, the Top 10 Private Investigator Training and Education Programs are:
University of Washington: Certificate in Private Investigation
Boston University: Certificate in Professional Investigation
LSU Alexandria: Private Investigator Basic Training Course
University of Louisiana, Lafayette: Private Investigator Basic Training Course
University of North Texas: Certificate in Professional Private Investigation
California State University, Fullerton: Certificate in Private Investigation
Madonna University: Certificate of Completion in Private Investigation
Clayton State University: Professional Investigator Certification Program
Texas A&M International University: Legal Investigation Certification Course
Hillsborough Community College: Private Investigator Intern Course

“There are tremendous benefits to enrolling in a PI training program,” says Tom Shamshak, the lead instructor at the #2 ranked Boston University program, “especially the BU PI Certificate. Our instructional staff is comprised of retired municipal and federal law enforcement professionals and two lawyers.” Shamshak also notes that, “A number of our PI grads have landed entry level investigative positions in PI firms, as well as [at] state and federal agencies.”

Other schools featured on PInow’s Top Private Investigation Training and Education Programs list assist students in furthering their careers as private investigators and qualify them for exams and licensure. The weekend long, 40 hour, courses at Louisiana State University at Alexandria (#3) and the University of Louisiana at Lafayette (#4) end with the state licensure exam. At Cal State Fullerton (#6), students who complete the program are sent job opportunities for up to one year.

As with any profession, education and training will help students and experienced investigators further their knowledge and become better investigators. “There’s no clearly defined path to becoming a private investigator,” PInow co-founder Trent Carlyle said. “This list provides direction for people who want to pursue careers in investigation but don’t know how to get started.”

PInow released the list in response to the growing number of individuals interested in a private investigations career. Some determining factors for rank were accreditation, specificity to private investigation and application requirements. For more information on how to become a private investigator, visit

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Posted by:
Kimberly Faber

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