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Category: Marketing

How To Respond To Online Reviews

Every local business has reason to build a strategy to encourage customers to write online reviews about experiences they have encountered while using particular products or services.

Monitoring Social Media Sentiments for Marketing

Sentiment, or the general attitude toward a specific profession, person, or topic, is divided into three categories: positive, neutral, and negative. As monitoring these sentiments can be helpful for branding, content …

Incorporating Humor into Legal Industry Content

After a recent Facebook post outperformed all of our averages, we decided to look at the nature of our content and try to duplicate the success. Keep reading for the statistics and what we’ve learned through incorporating humor …

5 Apps Crucial to Internal Communication at LAWgical

We’re a small team here at LAWgical– with 16 of us in Denver, another 4 in Los Angeles, and the rest sprinkled elsewhere in the US and abroad. There are a number of great tech solutions that have made long-distance (or even …

Guide to Hiring Quality Employees

Hiring the right people for your organization is one of the most important things business leaders should be good at. At Lawgical, we’ve created a formula over the years that’s helped us build our amazing team.